CCA’s Philanthropy Code of Ethics

Professionals and volunteers who practice philanthropy in Christian schools make these commitments to their donors:

  1. We promise to build a relationship with you as Jesus did with his own Philanthropy Committee (Luke 8:3). 
  1. We promise to cover our ‘ask’ with a canopy of prayer. 
  1. We promise that we will use your gift to move the school forward on behalf of the children within the context of a plan showing excellent stewardship and financial sustainability.
  1. We promise to strategically ensure that philanthropy dollars go to extending the mission in the life of the child and will not be diverted to running the operations budget except to support financial aid. 
  1. We promise not to show partiality to one over another because of the gifts they have or have not made. 
  1. We promise to accept only gifts that are mission-appropriate. 
  1. We promise to involve you, if you wish, as a partner with the school. 
  1. We promise that asking you to invest in God’s work at the school will be accompanied by the School’s accountability and good stewardship in spending your money in the way you intended.
  2. We promise that we are paid a salary and not commission.
  3. We promise to be grateful to God and to you for your generosity to the “family of believers” in the school, ask you for gifts that fit your own prosperity, and honor you as a giver.



We covet your prayers for our school.  Calvary Christian Academy seeks to honor God by providing an educational program founded upon Biblical Truth, academic excellence, and the spiritual formation of the individual student in a safe and secure environment.  Our teachers have a solemn responsibility to be a living example of God’s grace and mercy; please pray for their continued strength, growth, and protection.  Thank you!

Financial Gifts:

Your financial donations to CCA are greatly appreciated. We promise to be good stewards of your gift.
To give securely, please use one of the links below : 

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General Giving

Or send checks, payable to Calvary Christian Academy, to:

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